Our goals are:

  1. To increase access to healthy, affordable foods

  2. To provide more opportunities for young people to be  physically active

  3. To inspire students, parents, and caregivers to make    healthy lifestyle choices


READY, SET, HEALTHY partners combine their resources and determine the objectives to achieve these goals with close community input – a truly unique approach built around the proven “collective impact” framework.

Healthier lifestyles are important for us all. As such, obesity and diabetes are our primary focus. On top of this, only one third of Trenton’s young people get the daily exercise they should, and Trenton parents and guardians have diabetes at twice the rate of Mercer County. These health problems affect students inside and outside the classroom. READY, SET, HEALTHY is funded by Novo Nordisk to produce real and lasting change in the health of Trenton’s young people.


READY, SET, HEALTHY! programs are already part of the curriculum at Columbus, Jefferson, Martin Luther King and Robbins Elementary Schools. While there, students learn the benefits of healthy living, as well as community gardening techniques and easy recipes for use at home and community gardening. The idea is to support our kids in adopting a variety of healthy behaviors early on, which will help them in school or on the field, and otherwise improve their overall quality of life.


READY, SET, HEALTHY! is a Novo Nordisk sponsored program, with direction and technical assistance provided by the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance.

Our Community Partners

407 Greenwood Ave.

Trenton, NJ 08609