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TCNJ Nursing Student Offering Blood Pressure Screenings to Trenton Students

The SNACK (Smart Nutrition and Collaborating for Kids) program was developed to increase the fitness and health of children in select Trenton elementary schools. Data related to physical health and nutritional knowledge is being collected on children with parental permission. We are actively working with Jefferson, Columbus, Martin Luther King and Robbins schools. The school nurses, teachers, principals, parent liaisons and administrative staff have been instrumental in the success of the program.

Every child at every school is invited to participate in the get up and move activities, which vary from school to school based on facilities and outdoor space. Your children may have brought home some “prizes” for participating in the activities. Some small incentives to get the children up and moving with our nursing students. I have to say it is never a problem to get the children up and moving they love the activities and interaction with the “Big Kids” which is what they call the college students.

Some of you are familiar with our surveys regarding your children’s physical activity, nutritional preferences and TV/computer/game time. This information will help us determine the strengths and weaknesses of the program and allow us to adjust things to fit the children’s needs.

We have developed YouTube videos which some of you may be familiar with. If not, below are the links to our videos. We are working on having them translated into Spanish and hope to have those up and running by the end of the summer.

We are also currently conducting community cafes at the schools. Thank you for those who have participated in the cafes. Your information is valuable and helps us improve and adjust our program based on your children’s needs.

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